Jan Hütterott, Vocal Coach

The baritone Jan Hütterott began his vocal education with Prof. Schulz in Düsseldorf and continued with Hendrikus Rootering and Anita Salta. Already during his studies and particularly in the following years, his musical and acting plays led him to various theaters from the Kaiserhof in Cologne to the Capitol in Düsseldorf.

Radio and television productions followed, among others, at the WDR and premieres such as, for example, „Hollywood Dream“ (1995, Lenny Hoffmann) or „Order your ways“ (2012, Rick Smitt). In 1996, Jan Hütterott then took a teaching position at the Copernicus-Gymnasium in Ratingen-Lintorf and from then on devoted himself to the stage in his spare time.

In 2003 Jan Hütterott returned to Ratingen-Hösel as a music specialist for three years, where he has been head of the gospel choir „Talking People“ since 2006 and continues to work as a guest performer for musical and concert productions around the world.

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