Margarita Feiser completed several diploma courses at the Kunstfachhochschule in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, as an orchestra instrumentalist, actress and singer for musical theater (operetta and musical). Among other things, she was named „Best Debutant in a Musical Theater“ for the role „Jonny“ in „The Centerville Ghost“. After a long-term engagement at the State Theater of Music Comedy of the City of Krasnoyarsk, Margarita Feiser sang as a choir and solo performer in the Agape World Opera Company (Dortmund) and in the choir of the State Association of the Jewish Communities of Westphalia-Lippe. In 2010, she took her way to the Opernhaus Dortmund.
In 2011, she began her vocal training with Jagna Sokorska (Gelsenkirchen), which she completed in 2013 in the fields of opera singing and vocal pedagogy.
Since 2010, the coloratura soprano has been a member of the music theater in the area (MiR) and also at the Sterkrader Klostermusikschule in Oberhausen.

Since 2015, Margarita Feiser has worked as a voice artist with all the ratings of the Ratinger Kammerchor.

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